That’s (Almost) All Folks!

After a journey across five continents from frozen mountains and ‘the roof of the world’ through desert, plains and jungle to tropical shores and from the largest continent to some of the smallest islands with a total of 120 passport stamps and stickers we have arrived back in the city we are pleased to call our home, London.

We expect there may be some further more anecdotal posts on the blog (also notices for example in the possible but not definite case of a photo exhibition or book in the future) if you would be interested in these please either ‘subcribe’ to the blog (and you will be alerted of new posts) or send an email to andrewscourse at hotmail dot com noting you would like to be kept informed on this. We hope you have enjoyed our intermittent blogging, and have maybe found an interesting place or two to visit for yourself in the future.

On reflection, the biggest bogeyman on the trip has been a large Chilean airline. Whilst they are comfortable in flight, their customer service and business ethics really are unbelieveable. We have never been so openly deceived, misled and incovenienced by such a large organisation. If you have to book with them then be aware there are NO rules and NO normal standard of behavior – they may cancel the flight without telling you, they may move it to a different day, they may promise you they are calling back and they never do so, they may ‘sell’ you a ticket but then quietly not process the transaction and wait for you to notice before deciding actually they need to massively increase the price, if you’re travelling in a pair they may sell a ticket to one person but then delay and stonewall to avoid selling a ticket to the other person. Don’t trust a word they say and check all information from third party sources… We half wonder if there is some kind of twisted office game where you get scores for screwing customers in different ways and the one with the most points at the end of the year gets the promotion.

Interestingly, our West Papua posts have taken a stunning 80% of all reading visits since they were posted – we never knew there was so much interest in Papua but hope some of the interest will result in tourism income for Papuan communities and projects. We’re happy to advise on Papuan travel – see below.

Finally, please also feel free to email us as above if you want suggestions on how to get to one of our featured places – it is rarely as difficult as it seems before you have taken the first step! Further to this, many of the wonderful organisations and people we have visited – for example Papua Diving ( and Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo ( have committed their lives to protecting their unique local environments and the passage of interested tourists allows them to continue this vital work and show local communities the value of using their environment sustainably. By paying them a visit you can not only see their amazing natural environments but share in their ambition of making sure the environments are still there for future generations.

Bon voyage… and let us know your blog address!!

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